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Dia 93 – Ethan Evans – 03 de Junho de 2015

August 21, 2015

I am writing now from the beautiful city of Natal. It is located on the northeast coast in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Mike has come down for the saxophone conference here and Jake and I went with him; Ashley is also here visiting. It has been a wild ride here so far. First of all, the day before yesterday I had violent food poisoning during the plane ride from Brasilia, the van ride from the airport, and the entire evening at our friend Anderson Pessoa’s house. I spent the night on the couch with a bucket; let’s just put it that way. Luckily though I made a quick recovery by the next morning was able to experience an insane dune buggy ride. Our driver picked us up at about 9:00am, and Mike, Jake, Ashley, and I piled into the buggy. We then embarked on a six-hour tour approximately. We rode as fast and as ridiculously that the buggy could manage through the vast deserts of dunes. The stark contrast of color between the deep blue sky and the bright, light-colored sand was a sight that I will never forget. We also intermittently stopped at various beaches to take breaks and swim.

Jake, Ashley, and I are now situated in a hotel right in front of a beach. I think we will go there no less than every day. So far this area of the beach has been almost completely abandoned. I can already tell that I am not going to want to leave this place.



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