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Dia 11 – Ethan Evans – de 13 de Março de 2015

August 21, 2015

Today is the end of the first week of classes at UnB—a fairly light workload compared to a usual semester for me at UofL. It is very helpful for me, at this point, to know how my routine is basically going to work each week. That was one of the interesting things about the first week here—not having any idea what to expect. Our classes are an interesting combination. The first thing I remember thinking in our Portuguese class was “we are definitely the worst in this class…” It seems that everyone else has been studying for much longer, but I think it’s for the best because the only way to get better is to be immersed in the language. The rest of our classes are all music-related, including two ensembles. It is hard to tell what to expect exactly yet because the week was fairly unproductive and slow. Jake and I did, however, receive a lot of help from one our professors, Bruno Mangueira. He helped us get enrollment forms filled out and get our CPF’s (kind of like our temporary social security cards from what I understand), and he took us out to eat a couple times.

In other news, we had had several piles of random construction material and stumps (they were kind of hip actually, I didn’t mind the stumps really) laying around in our apartment in Colina. Today several maintenance workers came and threw the stuff out the window into the courtyard below. It makes sense I guess—there’s no elevator.



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