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Dia 162 – Ethan Evans – 10 de Agosto de 2015

August 21, 2015

I am writing now from the plane from Rio de Janeiro back to the U.S. Today was my last day in Brazil. Just as it took a long time to sink in that I was actually in the country of Brazil, it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m going home. Being in Rio for the past week has been amazing and beautiful, but what I am really thinking about now is all the people I met in Brasilia and how much I will miss them. When I first arrived in Brasilia, it seemed so foreign and I felt like an outsider, and for a while I was not very fond of the city as a whole; now, I don’t even know what to say except that it’s totally different for me. That place is an area of comfort now, where I met some of the kindest, funniest, and most truthful people I have ever come across. It has become solidified in my mind that I want to travel and see as much of the world as I possibly can. I once heard someone say that “The more you see of the world, the more you will know of yourself,” or something like that. I know it’s corny of me to even bring that up, but I know now that it’s true. I would do this exchange program all over again in a heartbeat.


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