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Dia 28 – Ethan Evans – 30 de Março de 2015

August 21, 2015

Yesterday I arrived back in Brasilia from Chapada dos Veadeiros, a beautiful area in the state of Goiás that is home to over 200 waterfalls. I am quite sunburnt, but I have made more friends already than I ever expected. On the three-day camping trip, there were exchange students from Belgium, France, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and also a few Brazilians of course. We spent the days hiking until we couldn’t hike anymore, eventually reaching several magnificent waterfalls. We spent the nights getting to know each other and drinking caipirinhas. By the end of the trip, I was overwhelmed by the kindness with which I was welcomed into this group of people. Even when the language barrier stunted our conversing, I never felt like an outsider. It is a wonderful thing to be put outside of your comfort zone and find that you are really not so unlike many other people from around the world.

The second night there was the most fun I’ve had in Brazil so far. We made a campfire and the whole group came to hang out. I eventually brought out a nylon-string guitar that I am borrowing from a friend at UnB; I was delighted to find out that practically everyone could sing along with so many Pink Floyd and Beatles tunes. After that, one of the guides for the campsite walked us up a hill to another campfire where we could see the whole sky full of stars. The towns in that area of Goiás are very small, and most of the mountains are uninhabited; there was hardly any light interference, so the view was incredible.

What is interesting is that all of this happened because of a chance meeting with a Belgian girl from our Portuguese class. Jake and I were getting lunch at the RU (Restaurante Universidade) several days beforehand, and she came up to us and invited to go camping. If we hadn’t have been getting lunch at the same time, I would not have met this group of interesting people that I really hope to remain in touch with.

Also, I have my first Brazilian gig coming up this week with an incredible piano and bass duo at a restaurant called Limoncello.




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