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Brazil entry 3 – After First Trip – Jake Daniels

July 27, 2015

Well. We finally got to the beach here. The weather wasn’t quite as nice as we would have hoped, and the water was bit chilly, but we still had a lot of fun. Especially playing in the sand. While we were there, we got our first home-cooking with our friend’s parents, and got to see a really great concert, with one of the best horn sections and arrangements I’ve ever heard.

The family we stayed with was great. It’s the family of a bassist in Louisville now, and they were really welcoming. Picked us up at the airport, took us around town, had home-cooking most meals, went to the beach with us, and absolutely refused to let us pay for anything. They’re going to be in Louisville a few times in the next year, so I’m hoping we can return the favor.

While there, we also got invited to a “festa” for us. Some of the students a school in the area had a party because we were going to be in town, so we got to have a “jam session” with some Jazz Standards, some traditional Brazilian tunes, and some Brazilian rock tunes. It was a lot of fun meeting other students outside of the school in Brasilia. We got to exchange ideas, exchange music, and hear how they think about things.

It was also striking how different Vitoria was from Brasilia however. Many people have said that Brasilia isn’t very indicative of what Brasil is like, and it was a lot clearer in Vitoria. The beaches and the mountains obviously. Also, Brasilia is really only about 50-60 years old, so there really isn’t anything historic to see here. In Vitoria we went up to a church on the top of a massive hill (mountain?) overlooking the water and the buildings, and it was great. Definitely more of how someone in the states pictures Brasil.

View of Vitoria

Vitoria View


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