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Post six by Shawn Knable – 21 de Agosto de 2013

September 1, 2013

We’ve sort of started classes. The first week here is even less productive than the first week at UofL. But the guitar teacher, named Bruno Mangueira, is really awesome, and he teaches most of our classes. He’s a little bit different from most Brazilians in that he’s very adamant about being on time and being productive. At least comparatively. He’s a really cool guy too, and a very good guitar player. I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from him. My classes are going to be a little different than I thought though. But I’ve also started learning a Brazilian instrument called the cavaquinho (I’m not sure how to spell it, but I think that’s right) which kind of looks like a ukulele but has steel strings. It’s one of the main instruments in a Brazilian traditional style called choro, which is similar to bluegrass and New Orleans jazz (I think so, at least). We’re going to play in a choro group here at school, so I’m really excited. It’s fun music to play.

One of my assignments is to transcribe (figure out and write down by ear) a song by João Gilberto, who is one of the most famous guitarists/singers in Brazilian history. He’s one of my favorites, and I’d really like to learn to sing a lot of his songs too. His vocal range is really really good for mine, and it’s all really pretty stuff. I think I’m going to do “A Primeira Vez” (The First Time) and “A Coisa Mais Linda” (The Most Beautiful Thing).


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