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– Brazil Journal 23, 19 do Novembro – Joseph Thieman

November 18, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 23, November 18, 2012

During this week time has seemed to stop. The musical took way more time than I could have possibly imagined. The sound check on Monday lasted over 5 hours and really seemed to accomplish nothing. The rehearsal at 9am on Tuesday was not a rehearsal at all. We arrived the huge theatre at 8:50am and no one else showed up until around ten. All the kids got there in buses, and upon arrival, they started rehearsing there dance routines without  music. So, I missed my trumpet lesson and two other rehearsals for absolutely no reason. The pit didn’t play a single note until well after lunch. Most of the time at the theatre was spent waiting for things to happen. The show itself was really dirty for the first performance, but on Wednesday it was much better. I was there on Tuesday for over 13 hours. Musicals can be like this, especially when the cast is all kids, but you have to put up with it in order to get paid.

Wednesday after the show I felt an incredible release of pressure. The show was over, I was too tired to even describe, and school was basically over for a while. When I got back to my house everyone was gone except Shane; who was to leave the next morning. Thursday I had a restraunt gig at lunch, and my normal Thursday night gig. Friday was the first day of my real vacation. I woke up to a house that was entirely empty. I had a relaxing breakfast by myself, practiced, worked out, went to the grocery store, and watched videos on YouTube.

As I took the bus to town to get groceries I saw a city relaxed by the holiday. The university was as empty as the bus, and every other minute the sun would hide behind a cloud. Barão Geraldo was lined with people picking up food from shops, and old men sitting in-front of restraunts enjoying the weather and beer. I was able to splurge and buy a pizza pastel before going to the grocery store to buy bread, coffee, and ramen.

The weather has stayed incredible as I have done nothing except practice, paint, and jog for the last couple of days. I have been running through my jury music everyday, and working on some transcriptions. I am able to practice in the long main room of the house, which has a high arched ceiling that provides great acoustics. For my jury I am playing a 5 movement piece for trumpet and piano, J.B. Arban’s Variations on a theme from Norma, and a short unaccompanied Brazilian trumpet fanfare.

As I have listened to the news this week I have grown increasingly worried and saddened by state of the world. I personally believe the last thing we need is more war. Right now the United States is in the longest war in our history as Isreal is firing into Gaza, and visa versa, and the world is on the fringe of another full fledged war. Now; I am not an expert on American foreign policy, but I have noticed that the United States is in some way involved in every skirmish in the world; and if things get worse there, they will get worse in the United States. Not to mention my personal problem with war, and the fact that right now there are families in the world just like mine that aren’t worrying about where to live; they are worried about how to live. Whenever there is war, there is someone making a buck. There are children being used in war in Sudan, but for some reason there is no talk about sending help there. I think it is because there are no goods that can be used to further the wealth of the people in charge.  But, that is simply my opinion that I have formulated after watching the world talk about change for years while the proverbial beaker of water is being heated. I’m sure there is a quote somewhere out there that is similar, but as I was listening to the state of the world this week I thought to myself; “the only war worth fighting is the nonviolent war on war itself.”



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