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– Brazil Journal 22, 12 do Novembro – Joseph Thieman

November 18, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 22, November 12, 2012

So another week has pasted by, and all I’m thinking about right now is making it until Wednesday.  Monday I have dress rehearsal for the musical at 2pm, and Tuesday I will have rehearsal at 9am, and I won’t leave the theater until around 9 or 10pm. So unfortunately I will be missing several classes, but all of my professors have said that it will be fine. So Wednesday after the last concert I will be free. The holiday lasts from this Thursday until next Wednesday, and as far as I know I will have the entire house to myself. I am the only person not going to the beach; which is fine with me. I’m going to practice for my jury and jog, and do all the things that I don’t seem to have time to do in the regular week. Furthermore, I have already worked on the house here 16 hours, so if I can get another 16 hours over the break I won’t have to pay a dime for my rent. Then I will be able to save most of the money from the musical, and be able to use it to buy some Christmas presents, and figure out where I am going to live next semester. Since I came to Brazil my roommate had to get someone else to take my share of the rent, so as of right now all of my things are still at that apartment and the new roommate (another one of my friends) is using them. Right now, I am looking on craigslist every once and a while trying to find a nice little place either in Germantown, or near Bardstown.


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