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– Brazil Journal 20, 29 do Outubro – Joseph Thieman

November 18, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 20, October 29, 2012

This past week I had gigs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the first two being the weekly gigs, and the one on Saturday being the highlight of my week. I got the gig through my roommate who goes to school for art. He and some friends had became friendly  with a women who owns a decrepant house in the center of Campinas. I was with him when he went to take a look at the house the first time, and it was a shotgun style house, surrounded by very tall (30+ stories) apartment building. After I walked throught the security gate, and went in the front door, I entered a very long living room with debris all over the floor. There was no electricity or water; this large room is where we played on Saturday night, with the long room lined with photography, and other art. The kitchen is huge, and this is where our money came from. We played while people looked at art and listened; and most importantly drank heavily (more money for everyone). While we didn’t make a lot of money it was way more fun to play at a venue where we could actually play out. It was nothing like the relaxed restraunt gig, where we are always getting the less-sound-hand from the owner.

Everyone was very interested in hearing a different type of music from samba. We were asked to play again next weekend, which I am most certainly looking forward to. I have been using just cymbals, snare, and hi-hats for most the gigs because it is impossible to fit any more stuff in Alessandro’s car. When we go to a gig now, we are amazingly able to put the two amps, the upright, sax, drums, and all four people into a car the size of a Honda Fit.

After the show on Saturday night, I decided to go out with some friends. This night turned out to be much longer than I expected. I thought we were going to simply go a bar, but instead we ended up going to someones house maybe 45 minutes from my house. A long story, short, I had to wait for the next bus back to my part of the city, which didn’t leave until 6am! So I ended up hanging out with some great people, and I got to watch the sunrise from the inside of fast moving, stinky, bus.

I went to the first dress rehearsal of the musical on Saturday morning at 8am, and it is a lot more interesting with the actors and singers. I would have to guess that there are around 150 kids in the show, so as you can imagine, the rehearsal was a little bit complicated. The show is made up of a mixture of famous Brazilian pop songs, and songs written by the musical director;who is also the guitar professor at Unicamp. The plot, which is very thin, was written in by him and the director specifically for the school which is putting on the show.


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