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– Brazil Journal 19, 22 do Outubro – Joseph Thieman

November 18, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 19, October 22, 2012

The clocks changed here yesterday, as has the climate. It is getting hotter, harder to sleep, and harder to find the tenaciousness to keep my beard. The rain is coming now around every other day. One thing I love is when it rains the exact day you are expected to work outside, and you can get out of having to work just because of the rain. This is what happened on Sunday, and I was able to use my day to practice, and lay in-front of a fan and watch a movie.

The music that might best describe this week is the recording of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers playing “Skylark,” off the album “Caravan.” I would suggest to anyone who reads this, you should go online and pull it up on YouTube right now. This music is too great to be described in words. The music does all the talking. I was listening to the recording with loud speakers learning some things off the recording, and I just had to stop and listen because it is so jaw-droopingly amazing. It’s crazy that Freddie Hubbard was around 20 when this album was made, he truly was a virtuoso.


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