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– Brazil Journal Week 16, 1 do Outubro – Joseph Thieman

October 22, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 16, October 1, 2012

When the rain finally came here I sat with my legs crossed in front of the music building just looking up at the sky. I have never in my life went several months in a row without it, and I felt a primitive sense of gratitude. It was an excuse to pay the money to take the city bus to school, and a reason to take it easy. It rained off and on for over two glorious weeks.

Last week I had a chance to rehearse with the guys that I’m going to play with in Argentina. Raphael and Guilherme are from Sao Paulo, and Pezim lives here in Campinas. They are very good players, and I think that the trip to Argentina is going to be great. We are putting together a really nice program consisting of originals and standards. I decided that since everyone had such good suggestions of tunes, we would all pick one tune to prepare for the rehearsal.

Everything seems better when you have little changes in your daily routine; like having rain for the first time in months, or getting to leave Campinas for a couple of days. Yesterday, and Saturday I worked painting here at the house so that I would only have to pay the equivalent of $45 for the rent. At the beginning of the month I worked a lot, so I only had to work seven hours this weekend. Tomorrow night I am playing at a school for guitar for a friends graduation, and Wednesday I am leaving for Argentina. So I am going to have a really long week.


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