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– Brazil Journal Week 15, 24 do Setembro – Joseph Thieman

October 22, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 15, September 24, 2012

On Friday morning I woke up around nine without an alarm. I was still very tired, because the night before, my neighbors had an extremely loud party that went really late. I then proceeded to do what I normally do in the morning. I had coffee, a little bit of bread, a shower, then I got ready to practice. Since I don’t have class until noon on Fridays, I normally practice at my house. There is no one else here, so it is a good day to do it.

Shortly after I started doing my warm-ups, I heard someone outside yell about something. I simply assumed they were not yelling at me. But, soon the yelling became more frequent, and they started yelling some words that I won’t bother translating because of their lewd meaning. I figured; by this time it was 11am, so it’s not to early to practice. Especially since they kept me up super late being drunk idiots until 4am. My friend Luiz was here as well, and he said not to worry about it. Well, shortly after that I heard a huge bang outside my closed window. My neighbors had decided to through a large firework at my window, maybe even inside; it wasn’t fully closed.

I was very glad that Luiz was there, because I don’t have the vocabulary to yell the kind of opinions that were going through my head. So luckily he took care of that, and then I continued practicing. What a awesome day Friday was; I went to my trumpet ensemble rehearsal at noon. There I really wanted to rip a certain trumpet players head off for giving me grief about a Finale error that I made while putting french horn parts in Bb for him so he wouldn’t have to transpose.

I have always considered myself to be professional about certain things; specifically being on time, honest, trustworthy, and generally professional. Well, these things are just as unique here in Brazil, as they often are in the United States. Finding people who care about music, and are willing to do what they say, can sometimes be a difficult task.

I am also aware that this week saw the passing of my half-way point in Brazil. It is crazy how fast time can go by. I really like it here, but I will say that as I work and study here, I really become more aware of how stellar the music department is at University of Louisville. I certainly already knew that before I decided to come to UofL, but now I think I really miss it.


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