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– Brazil Journal Week 14, 17 do Setembro – Joseph Thieman

October 22, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 14,  September 17, 2012

Last week was a pretty good one in terms of music. I played drums at a bar on Wednesday, and trumpet at a restaurant Friday, and I had good paying wedding on Saturday. It was very nice to feel like I am actually working. School is great, but actually getting to play in front of people is much more rewarding sometimes, and it certainly pays more. Along with the gigs, I also painted more to help pay the rent.

The gig at the bar on Wednesday was pretty nice. It was with the group that plays mainly jazz standards and a few bossa novas. Had I known the kind of bar it was, I would have required more rehearsal time with the guys, and more fusion tunes. It was a whole-in-the-wall kind of place, with overpriced drinks, pool, and a large empty room with a high-rise stage. It was definitely more of a rock venue. Luckily, all of my 10 roommates came to the show, along with some people from school, so we made an amazing 30R per person.

After painting most of the day on Saturday, I sat and waited for my friend to pick me up for the wedding gig. He was extremely helpful; he found a herald trumpet for me to use, and a very small tuxedo for me to ware. The wedding included a full band, which played contemporary christian rock in between every reading. My friend and I only played the entrance music out front, while the bride walked the isle. I thought it was very funny; me in a little, tiny, long tailed tuxedo, blasting on a herald trumpet for two minutes for 200R. Of course we had to wait for the end of the wedding to get paid, so all in all I was there for three hours. It was only different than American weddings in that the musicians joked around a lot more. By this I mean that sometimes while the father was talking, the piano player would be playing cheesy background music, and every once and a while he would go “free,” and no one in the entire place would notice except the other musicians, who would on the left side of the alter laughing hysterically. All in all it was a productive and enjoyable week.


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