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– Brazil Journal Week 10, 20 de Agusto – Joseph Thieman

August 21, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 10 August 20, 2012

Winter in Campinas is reminiscent of a mild spring or fall in the United States. Sometimes just cold enough for a jacket at night, and always just warm enough to be considered a little hot in the day.   As I walk the quiet streets here on Sundays it is easy to forget where I am.  I see families playing in the park between my neighborhood and the school, and people walking their dogs and it doesn’t seem like a different country at all; until I take off my headphones and realize that I still have little idea what people are in fact chatting about.  The familiar sound of dead leaves under my feet make me feel like a kid, only here the leaves are about 4 times as large.

School is now in full swing, and I have my schedule nearly completely done, and nearly full as well.  I think that I am in ten classes all-in-all.  I have been really busy, and that is the way I need it to be in order to maintain a sense of self-value and emotional stability.  I wake up early, eat breakfast with the family of misfits who lives here, and then head to school everyday.  The days always seem too short in my life, but it really feels worse here.  The only characteristic that the winters here, and the winters in the States have in common is that the sun going down before 6pm.  On Wednesday I recorded with three Brazilians.  We recorded three songs for a demo to use to get some gigs near the university.  Surprisingly though, they had me play drum set, and told Shane and I that we might get to play once a week.  The trumpet professor here also found out that I like to write music, so he has asked me to write a piece for the trumpet ensemble here.  We will get to read through it next Friday.  When I know I am going to get a chance to hear what I have written, I really can write more quickly.

Last Friday and Saturday I worked all day painting the exterior wall that goes around the house where I am staying.  I need the money and my landlady needs the help, so I hope to pay for most of my rent doing this kind of work.  I still find myself listing to NPR every Saturday morning so I can have some remembrance of lazy weekends with nothing to do except drink coffee, practice, and relax with my girlfriend and her giant, kind, great dane.



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