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– Brazil Journal – Week 7, 30 de Julho – Joseph Thieman

August 4, 2012

Brazil Journal Week 7, 30 de Julho

This past week has been extremely crazy. We left our apartment in Brasilia for the airport at 5 in the morning on Wednesday. Upon arriving at the airport, we were unable to simply use our passports to receive our boarding passes, so a blur of poor Portuguese and confusion issued. We barely caught our first flight, which was conveniently about an hour late. When we arrived at the airport in Belo Horizonte, we only had about twenty minutes to pick up our bags, get our boarding passes for Campinas, and figure out how to do all of this. The airport there was a crowded, confusing, mess, where it seemed impossible to  get any help what so ever.

We finally arrived in Campinas about an hour late, where our contact at Unicamp was waiting. We quickly went to the university to do some paperwork, and afterwards we were dropped off at Tina’s aunts house where we have stayed since. In the past couple five days, I have went to the Federal Police, by bus, three times, with no luck getting my paperwork finished. I plan on going again today, for the fourth time.

Shane and I are going to rent from Tina’s aunt for the remainder of our trip in Brazil. We will rent a room in her house, which we will share with one Brazilian, who I have not yet met. All of the housing in near the university is rather expensive. I have only been to the university the day I arrived, about five days ago. I have only gotten the opportunity to practice trumpet once, for only 45 minutes. I have little idea how to get to the university from here, and it is a very long walk. I have spent all my time here cleaning, cooking, and putting furniture together. One thing I can say about this house, is that I have eaten some of the best meals of my entire life in the last few days.

I have no idea how much more I am going to have to spend when I go the Federal Police today, and I also have no idea if I will have enough. I can not wait for school to start, and for me to be settled with a schedule, time to actually play trumpet, and people to hang out with other than the other two Americans who are here. I am also a little worried about the tales of crime in the neighborhoods around the university. I hardly understand everything I am told in Portuguese, but I do understand the symbol a person makes with their hand like a gun, and the word “cuidado,” which means “careful.”


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