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– Brazil Journal – Week 6, 23 de Julho – Joseph Thieman

July 23, 2012

Brazil Journal – Week 6, 23 de Julho

I am so relieved that this past week is over. Going to class from 8am to 5pm everyday has completely been completely exhausting.  I think that going to the morning class, which was not required, was helpful.  I think it is very hard to gauge ones own progress in learning a new language, similar to when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday while you are trying to loose a little weight.

I was really worried about my written test on Thursday, but to my amazement, I earned an A.  Friday morning we had an aural test, followed by a small party for all the students whose classes ended that day.  Everyone brought food from their own country, so there were African, French, German, and Brazilian dishes there.  The Americans played a few tunes during the party.  It was received pretty well, but was interesting seeing as how the instrumentation was simply melodica, trumpet, sax, and snare drum.

I only have two more days of Portuguese class, and on Wednesday we leave around 6:30am.  One thing that is a little worrisome is that the list of available apartments in Campinas is completely useless.  Many of the names, email addresses, and apartment descriptions do not line-up.  So, even if I knew how to send an email inquiring about an apartment in Portuguese, I couldn’t because I would have no idea if I would be sending the email to the correct landlord.  This problem, plus the fact that we have no idea where we will stay when we get there, I’m a bit worried, but I will just cross my fingers.

Gig in Brasilia – Our gig started at 8pm, and the bar owner was charging 8 Reals per person, which I thought would discourage some people from coming.  I was totally wrong, the place was packed and the band made nearly five hundred.   It was a great night, and made me wish a little that I was staying in Brasilia.  The owner said we could play there every Tuesday, for as long as we wanted, but we leave this upcoming Wednesday.  It was great getting to perform before such a good crowd, who actually listened.  Jon (Gardner – bassist) is such an amazing musician.  We played mainly standards, and in the middle of the second set, it began rain, which was a surprise to everyone here, because this is the dry season here.


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